Boxing Cage Mixed Martial Arts


MAC Productions Sound & Lighting specialise in Boxing cage mixed martial arts.

Boxing, CageOver the years MAC Productions Ltd have had the pleasure of working with many Boxing cage mixed martial arts Federations. Both at a professional and amateur level.

IBA, White Collar & ROC to name but a few.

Whether you are staging a simple event that just needs ring lights and entrance music. Or you are looking to create a particular kind of atmosphere with moving lights, smoke effects & projection. We can assist you with everything you’ll need.

Before committing yourselves to paying deposits on expensive venues. We would be happy to make a site visit with you, and discuss the practicalities of what you have in mind.

If you are using the services of a camera crew to either stream or record your boxing cage mixed martial arts event. MAC Productions have a fully trained crew who know what sort of lighting works best. Both for the camera, and from an audiences point of view. We can also provide live feeds for the best possible reproduction of sound quality.

Boxing, CageBoxing, CageBoxing, Cage