essex lighting

MAC Productions Ltd can advise on and supply all your lighting needs:


  • Generic Lighting (Fresnels / Profiles/ Floods)

FRESNEL lanterns give a soft-edged beam with large size variation.

PROFILE SPOTS will give you a sharply defined image in outline of any object placed within its focal range.

FLOODS are used to provide large area washes of light.


  • Moving Lighting    Lighting london


These can be used to create many different effects and colour changes all from the same source. Unique “Gobos” can also be arranged and supplied if you need anything special like logo’s etc.


  • Dimmers


We have small single channel up to large multi channel dimmer racks.


Lighting desks  Lighting Desks


  • Gels


  • Capture        capture


We use the latest “Capture” software when designing your show/event. Just ask for details, and we will be happy to explain how this works.


The Bee Gees   spot light   gallery 12   Essex lighting hire

Professional lighting in any type of stage or theatre environment provides an excellent opportunity for a creative director to put on a great show. This applies to everything from a large West End production to a small and intimate dramatic performance in a community hall.

Stage and theatre lighting is more than having a spotlight on stage: it encompasses the whole atmosphere of the production and can act as a huge dramatic influence. MAC Productions Ltd will ensure your performance goes without a hitch.


For a full list of our available equipment…Click here.