radio mic hire

MAC Productions Ltd can provide radio mic hire and also advise on and supply

  • Sound Desks

Sizes from 20 up to 40 channel desks are available.

  • CD/MD Players
  • Microphones
  • Vocal / Instrument / Float / DI box

DI boxes are used to plug in either keyboards or guitars.

  • Microphone Stands
  • Music Stands
  • Radio Mics

If you require microphones for a small production or a large theatre or stage show – Lapels and Hand Held Mics available.

  • Complete Speaker & PA systems

Either for conferences, large scale theatre or outdoor shows.


MAC Productions Ltd can take care of all aspects of your project to ensure a suitable, tailored service is supplied.

If the theatre you are using is a large one, the actors or performers will no doubt need to wear small microphones to ensure that they are heard clearly. This will enable the sound to reach everyone in the audience, no matter where they are sitting.

If the space is smaller, it is still important to use a stage sound system, particularly if the performance is a musical one. This will enable individual sounds to be picked out and the sounds won’t “bounce” around the room, but will be amplified comfortably and will be far more enjoyable for the audience.  The sounds can be balanced to fill the room proportionately, which is something that the audience wouldn’t normally notice.

It is not only theatres that need stage sound services. Any venue that is looking to hold an audience and speaker or performer should consider using a professional sound system. This might include schools, community centres, sports centres, pubs, bars, and churches.

Operating across London, Greater London, Essex and all areas of the UK, MAC Production Sound & Lighting Ltd are the specialists for the job. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your requirements. 


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